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Top JavaScript jobs from our partners

Work for companies taking JavaScript game seriously, investing into tech education and local communities.

Check Open Roles at StackHawk

StackHawk empowers engineers to easily find and fix security bugs at any stage of CI/CD. With a strong founding team that has deep experience in security and DevOps, and some of the best venture investors in the business, StackHawk is on a mission to change application security. We are looking for the right team to launch this rocket ship.

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Yoast is looking for a Senior JavaScript developer

We are looking for a senior JavaScript developer to help us expand our content analysis tool and other JS features we have in store. You’ll take the lead in these projects, and you’ll utilize design patterns and coding principles like SOLID and TDD. You understand event-driven programming and have experience with the following:

Required: ES6, Babel, and building tools like Webpack or Parcel, building and maintaining a JavaScript application in a production environment, RESTful APIs, and unit testing frameworks such as Jest or Mocha.

A plus: React + Redux or other JS frameworks like Angular or Vue, GraphQL, TypeScript, functional tests, and related frameworks such as Puppeteer or CodeceptJS.

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Check open roles at Decentology

Decentology makes Web3 accessible to millions of web devs by making it easy for them to discover, build & monetize Dapps. They are the innovative company behind the Hyperverse, the open & on-chain code marketplace.

Currently, we are building out the HyperverseDAO and are looking for contributors to help us shape the future of this DAO. If you are passionate or curious about the Web3 space and want to help shape the future of a DAO, then check our open roles here.

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Unlock your hidden value at OLX Group

Our purpose is to shape the future of trade to unlock the hidden value in everything. OLX Group operates a network of online trading platforms that empower more than 300 million monthly users to buy, sell and create prosperity in local communities. We're here to make it happen fast and easy!

Our Frontend teams are building scalable platforms and products with billions of page views per month, across 5 continents in offices all around the world, and we want you to be part of them.

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Become part of our next big thing

We are looking for Software Engineers to join our development team. Your role will encompass the full development life-cycle for our desktop and online applications, with your ideas heard and implemented. Responsibilities include:

  • Identifying, designing, and implementing new MongoDB-focused features and tools
  • Evaluating their effectiveness, incorporating customer feedback, and integrating that into further iterations of their design and implementation
  • Creating effective automated tests for those features
  • Close collaboration with the QA team
  • Become a proper MongoDB expert with deep insights into how MongoDB works

The position is full-time and will be based in our Berlin office.

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Join Modus Create’s Global Remote Team

Picture this.

You work with the pioneers in the open-source community with cutting-edge tech. Your day is full of solving real-world problems for the world’s biggest companies. And you work in a team that has fine-tuned distributed, asynchronous collaboration with 10+ years of remote experience.

That’s us. That’s Modus Create. We are a digital consulting firm that helps organizations build products, platforms, and processes to succeed in the digital economy.

Interested in being a Modite? Check out our open positions and apply today.

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