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The workshops from the list below are the complimentary part of full tickets (in-person & remote). As a full ticket holder you'll get a separate email with registration link as soon as the full workshops line up is on the website.

Workshops will be run remotely via Zoom. The recordings will be shared with full ticket holders after the conference.

The program is still in progress and we'll add more sessions very soon.

Scott Spence

Building with SvelteKit and GraphQL (Remote)

Want to get familiar with the framework that took the top spot for most loved framework on the Stack Overflow developer survey in 2021?

Svelte is a super versatile framework with no virtual dom unlike React and Vue, it's a compiler that builds your projects into vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

This workshop will go over the basics of setting up with SvelteKit and querying data from a GraphQL API and using that data in SvelteKit to retrieve data for use in the client (browser).

Key learnings:

How to use SvelteKit to build a simple project retrieve data from a GraphQL API and display it in the client. Many of the core concepts of Svelte and SvelteKit will be covered in this workshop.

Workshop level
Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and GraphQL.
Workshop schedule & location

June 22, 16:00-19:00 CEST. Remote via zoom.

Mikhail Kuznetcov

Managing state in Vue3 application (Remote)

In modern Vue we have plenty of options how to create and share state across multiple components. In this workshop we will write an application using all the approaches - Vuex, composition API hooks and Pinia.

Table of contents
  • - Introducing Vue3 features
  • - Developer tools for working with Vue3
  • - Core libraries for Vue3
  • - Working with state in Vue3: Vuex, composition API and Pinia

NodeJS and IDE of your choice installed. Basic proficiency with Vue will help but not required.

Workshop schedule & location

June 23, 16:00-19:00 CEST. Remote via zoom.

Rafael Silva

The Clinic.js Workshop (Remote)

Learn the ways of the clinic suite of tools, which help you detect performance issues in your Node.js applications. This workshop walks you through a number of examples, and the knowledge required to do benchmarking and debug I/O and Event Loop issues.

  • Node 16
  • Docker
  • Windows/Mac OS/Linux
Workshop schedule & location

June 29, 16:00-19:00 CEST. Remote via zoom.

Samuel Pinto

Should we have business logic in the UI? (from OLX team, remote)

How many times did you say or hear “this is business logic, it should not be here”?

In this workshop, we will create a modern frontend application using old patterns and you will learn how to build apps that have decoupled UI and services.

We will start with a React application that has its whole logic in the UI. Then step by step we will extract the rules and operations to hit that sweet spot of independence.

Table of contents
  • - Intro to the patterns we will use
  • - Make components dumb
  • - Isolate responsibilities
  • - Model the domain

Node, NPM, GIT, IDE of your choice.

Workshop level
Knowledge of JavaScript, React and React Hooks. Basic knowledge of TypeScript.
Workshop schedule & location

June 3, 16:00-19:00 CEST. Remote via zoom.

Luca Casonato

Getting Started with Deno and Deno Deploy (Remote)

Learn how to build full stack apps with Deno and Deno Deploy. We'll build a simple app using the fresh (fresh.deno.dev) framework, and host it on Deno Deploy.

Workshop schedule & location

June 27, 17:00-20:00 CEST. Remote via Zoom.

Shain Dholakiya

Build Web3 apps with Javascript (from Decentology team, remote)

The workshop is designed to help Web2 developers start building for Web3 using the Hyperverse. The Hyperverse is an open marketplace of community-built, audited, easy to discover smart modules. Our goal - to make it easy for JavaScript developers to build Web3 apps without writing a single line of smart contract code. Think “npm for smart contracts.”

Learn more about the Hyperverse here.

We will go over all the blockchain/crypto basics you need to know to start building on the Hyperverse, so you do not need to have any previous knowledge about the Web3 space. You just need to have JavaScript experience.

Workshop schedule & location

June 6, 18:00-21:00 CEST. Remote via zoom.

Melanie de Leeuw

Going on an adventure with Nuxt 3, Motion UI and Azure (from Capgemini team, remote)

We love easily created and deployed web applications! So, let’s see what a very current tech stack like Nuxt 3, Motion UI and Azure Static Web Apps can do for us. It could very well be a golden trio in modern day web development. Or it could be a fire pit of bugs and errors. Either way it will be a learning adventure for us all. Nuxt 3 has been released just a few months ago, and we cannot wait any longer to explore its new features like its acceptance of Vue 3 and the Nitro Engine. We add a bit of pizzazz to our application with the Sass library Motion UI, because static design is out, and animations are in again.

Our driving power of the stack will be Azure. Azure static web apps are new, close to production and a nifty and quick way for developers to deploy their websites. So of course, we must try this out.

With some sprinkled Azure Functions on top, we will explore what web development in 2022 can do.

Table of contents
  • - Introduction
  • - Azure Static Web Apps
  • - Nuxt 3
  • - Motion UI
  • - Azure functions
  • - Bringing it together, conclusion & end

Basic frontend knowledge (Vue or Nuxt & Sass), a free Azure account set up beforehand.

Workshop level
Workshop schedule & location

June 13, 16:00-19:00 CEST. Remote via zoom.

Grgur Grisogono

Is Module Federation Right for You? (from Modus Create team, remote)

Discover Micro Frontends with Module Federation. Learn about the benefits and pitfalls so you can decide whether Micro Frontends are a good fit for your organization.

Table of contents
  • - What are Micro Frontends and why businesses should care
  • - Creating a simple Module Federation app cluster
  • - Types of dependencies and dealing with conflicts
  • - How to communicate between federated modules
  • - Module Federation in hybrid apps
  • - How to organize teams, repositories, & code sharing
  • - Q&As

Attendees can choose to watch or take an active role in creating the reference app. Active participants will need a computer with:

  • Favorite IDE
  • Node.js 14+ recommended
Workshop level
Medium to senior-level JavaScript engineers. Tech-savvy business managers are welcome to join and learn if their business can benefit from Micro Frontend.
Workshop schedule & location

June 9, 16:00-18:30 CEST. Remote via zoom.

Zachary Conger

JS Security Testing in GitHub Actions (from StackHawk team, remote)

This workshop will focus on automating software composition analysis, static application security testing and dynamic application security testing using GitHub Actions. After a brief introduction covering the different types of application security and the importance of finding security vulnerabilities before they hit production, we'll dive into a hands-on session where users will add three different security testing tool to their build pipelines.

Workshop schedule & location

June 8, 18:00-20:00 CEST. Remote via zoom.

Stephen Cooper

Get started with AG Grid Angular Data Grid (from AG Grid team, remote)

Get started with AG Grid Angular Data Grid with a hands-on tutorial from the core team that will take you through the steps of creating your first grid, including how to configure the grid with simple properties and custom components. AG Grid community edition is completely free to use in commercial applications, so you’ll learn a powerful tool that you can immediately add to your projects. You’ll also discover how to load data into the grid and different ways to add custom rendering to the grid. By the end of the workshop, you will have created and customized an AG Grid Angular Data Grid.


  • getting started and installing AG Grid
  • configuring sorting, filtering, pagination
  • loading data into the grid
  • the grid API
  • add your own components to the Grid for rendering and editing
  • capabilities of the free community edition of AG Grid


Node, An Editor/IDE.

Workshop schedule & location

June 7, 15:00-18:00 CEST. Remote via zoom.

Shy Ruparel

Docker 101 – Intro to Containers (from Docker team, remote)

Software Containers are quickly becoming an essential tool in every developer's toolbelt. They make it easy to share, run, and scale code. In this talk you'll learn how to use Docker to write better, more sharable software. In this workshop Sr. Developer Advocate at Docker, Shy Ruparel, will walk you through getting started with Docker. He'll covers setting up Docker, running your first container, creating a basic web application with Python and Docker, and how to push the Docker Image to DockerHub. He'll share why you'd even want to use containers in the first place and how they enable a developer to write better, more shareable software.

Table of contents
  • - Intro and brief history of Containers and Docker
  • - Getting started with Docker and Docker Desktop
  • - What are Images?
  • - Running and Managing Images
  • - What are Containers?
  • - Taking advantage of Docker Hub to find Official Images
  • - Persistent data with volumes
  • - Multiple Docker containers at once with Docker Compose
  • - What's coming in the Roadmap and where to go to Learn More
  • - Stay involved with Docker

Install Docker Desktop and have a docker account.

Workshop level
No knowledge of containers needed but attendees should be comfortable coding in at least 1 language. Familiarity with the CLI.
Workshop schedule & location

June 9, 19:00-22:00 CEST. Remote via zoom.

Matthew Salmon

Finding, Hacking and fixing your NodeJS Vulnerabilities with Snyk (from Snyk team, remote)
  • npm and security, how much do you know about your dependencies?
  • Hack-along, live hacking of a vulnerable Node app https://github.com/snyk-labs/nodejs-goof, Vulnerabilities from both Open source and written code. Encouraged to download the application and hack along with us.
  • Fixing the issues and an introduction to Snyk with a demo.
  • Open questions.

Workshop schedule & location

June 14, 16:00-18:00 CEST. Remote via Zoom.

Wess Cope

Build a chat room with Appwrite and React

API's/Backends are difficult and we need websockets. You will be using VS Code as your editor, Parcel.js, Chakra-ui, React, React Icons, and Appwrite. By the end of this workshop, you will have the knowledge to build a real-time app using Appwrite and zero API development. Follow along and you'll have an awesome chat app to show off!

Workshop schedule & location

June 7, 18:30-21:30 CEST. Venue - TBC.

Scott Spence
GraphCMS, UK

Developer Advocate at GraphCMS based in Kent, UK. He has over ten years of previous experience working for large corporate organizations in the finance and insurance sector as a VBA developer. Second career dev started out as a web developer in 2018 working in government digital transformation. On the side, he loves working with Svelte and enjoys begrudgingly going running. Listening to Drum and Bass on Spotify Deezer.

Mikhail Kuznetcov
ING, Netherlands

Mikhail is a passionate developer who loves to share his knowledge with the world. As a team leader, public speaker, workshop organizer, teacher of JavaScript and Vue.js, he has trained developers worldwide.

Rafael Silva
NearForm, Brazil

Rafael is an active member of the global open source community. He’s a Node.js Core member, Fastify core member, Clinic.js core member, and member of the Node.js Diagnostics Team.

His experience in backend development involves developing projects with requirements to be low latency along with software and architecture optimization.

Samuel Pinto
OLX, Portugal

Samuel Pinto is a Frontend Engineer since 2013, he has been working with large using facing applications in companies like Microsoft, Bumble, and OLX. He worked from 5 different countries and loves to be involved and learn new cultures.

Luca Casonato
Deno Land Inc., Netherlands

I'm a developer and open source enthusiast. I like Rust, Go, TypeScript, and fast websites. I work at the Deno company, building Deno and Deno Deploy, and serving as a delegate at TC39.

Shain Dholakiya
Decentology, USA

Shain is a Developer Advocate at Decentology, where he teaches about topics in Web3 and how to build in Web3. He previously worked at NASA, The Boring Company, Microsoft, and Amazon, focusing mainly on web and mobile development. Shain spends most of his time building side projects, engaging with the Web3 community, playing poker, and working out!

Melanie de Leeuw
Capgemini, Netherlands

Melanie loves being a software engineer. The infinite loop of bugs, puzzles and learning make of everyday a new adventure. Her specialty and the love of her life is Vue.js, but lately she has been adding Nuxt.js and Node.js to the party. When she is not working as a software engineer at Capgemini, she uses her web development skills to remove micro plastic in the waters of the world. Her goal in this life is to work towards a more sustainable way of life, meaning that her hobbies include sailing the world, documenting underwater micro-life, and picking up trash with podcasts blasting.

She is always trying on many different hats: trainer, team lead, community builder, talker, organizer. But the hat that fits best is developer.

Grgur Grisogono
Modus Create, Croatia

Grgur is Director, Engineering at Modus Create and also your friendly neighborhood JavaScript engineer who loves connecting business with technology. Grgur loves telling stories and anecdotes, fueled by the experience of working with dozens of Fortune 1000 companies since 2005. He also enjoys talking about sourdough baking, latte art, and brean-to-bar craft chocolate.

Zachary Conger
StackHawk, USA

Zachary is a Senior DevOps Engineer for StackHawk. As a startup junkie, he has played many roles including operations, engineering, product development, and leadership. In his current role, he is focused on the evolving CI/CD landscape and how this diverse set of technologies can be used to improve the productivity of software developers, and the quality of the code they produce. Outside of work he enjoys music, photography, and cycling.

Stephen Cooper
Full Info
Stephen Cooper
AG Grid, UK

Stephen is a Senior Developer at AG Grid. An active blogger writing about Angular and Web Tech. Stephen has spoken at conferences and meet-ups worldwide, sharing practical and experience-based Angular tips, tricks, and case studies.

Shy Ruparel
Docker, USA

Sr. Developer Advocate at Docker.

Matthew Salmon
Snyk, Romania

Engineer Graduate, Software testing ISTQB certified and professional experience as a Software Developer. Current Solutions Engineer as Snyk.

Wess Cope
Appwrite, USA

Suffers from Application Development Disorder. With over 25+ years of experience designing and developing software from fortune 50 companies to being employee #1 at start ups. An affinity for open source software, community and believes in using the right tools for the right job, even if the right tool needs to be invented.