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Amsterdam JSNation is a full day, two-track conference covering the latest and greatest news and insights from the global JavaScript network. For the third year in a row we will be gathering JS professionals under the single flag here in Amsterdam.

On our first conference edition, we made a breakthrough by running the first ever JS event in the actual ZOO - ARTIS Natura Magistra. Last year we went further, and launched first ever Church based JS conference, in the historic site which Rembrandt and Monet attended. With over 500 international visitors attending and 20+ well known tech speakers, we delivery a unique experience to learn and have fun with professionals alike.

Exceptional quality content with careful balance of practical and visionary talks from renowned speakers, inspired attendee crowd and top location make our event a brilliant sponsorship opportunity. Whenever you are looking to put your company name in the spotlight, rally up the team knowledge or hire the best talent - we have a matching proposal.

Packages & Perks


2000 EUR+VAT


5000 EUR+VAT


5000 EUR+VAT


10000 EUR+VAT

Logo placed on the conference website, introduction/mid-session slides and throughout venue medium large large unique large
Logo placed on printed booklets, video recordings
Conference tickets 2 4 4 + party tickets 8
Sponsor announcement in social media channels
(Twitter, Facebook, Medium)
Job announcement
Individual highlight in between the talks
Branded booth
Special ideas on request
Goodie bag item
Exclusive branding on request

Diversity sponsor package

Every event we reserve at least 20 tickets for people from underrepresented groups in technology allowing them free access to the conference. With your support we can take this number even higher.

Donations amounts can vary. Diversity support partners will be specially highlighted during the event by our MC, and company logos will be placed under special conference website section.

Party sponsor package

With the support of the biggest, creative Dutch festival FIBER, we are dedicated to not only deliver great learning and networking opportunities, but also to land world unique IT Party and creative activities to all our attendees.

Looking for a special partnership tier that will make your company stand out and highlight your unique culture? Join one of two exclusive Party sponsor opportunities and get special highlight across the evening programme marketing.

Package add-ons:

  • Branded coffee bike

    Branded coffee spot to be an excellent stopover for the crowd of thirsty attendees. Is placed inside the venue. Limited addon - 2 per conference.

    1000 EUR +VAT+production

  • Bags branding

    Bring your branding close to every JavaScript developer heart by placing your logo on the official conference swag bag, give out to each attendee. Exclusive add-on - 1 per conference.

    1500 EUR +VAT+production

  • Extra goodie bag item

    You can add any branded item (souvenirs, stickers, sweets, etc.) to our official conference swag bag.

    500 EUR +VAT+your item

  • Branded breakfast

    Be the first to welcome conference visitors and brand breakfast area with decorations of your choice - branded cupcakes, cups, napkins, table cloth, banners and othe special ideas. Exclusive add-on - 1 per conference.

    2500 EUR +VAT


Motivation & Collaboration

We are organising these events for a bigger cause - connecting global community of JavaScript professionals and enthusiasts alike by encouraging professional growth opportunities, skills evolution and nurturing passion for the craft.

Are you with us? Let`s collaborate! We are looking for partnership opportunities and are open to any brilliant ideas you might have.

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