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Coming back to Amsterdam on June 16, 2022! Details TBD
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The Event

Despite the easing of the coronavirus restrictions in both the Netherlands and the European Union, mass events have still not been allowed in Amsterdam and there are currently no tentative dates for updates to the policy. At the same time, many of our community members from outside of the EU can’t enter the bloc and won’t be able to do so for the coming months. That’s why, rather than organize a JSNation in a strictly limited in-person format, we've decided to reschedule JSNation for 2022.

Summertime JS festival

JSNation conference will gather 1000+ JS pros at Kromhouthal, a former ship engines factory which now becomes the place for gathering the top JavaScript engines authors and engineers.



JS Open Source Awards

We’re looking specifically at open source projects or initiatives, with or without a code, but following an open and transparent culture, open for collaboration and contributions from any person interested.

Github stars are not our criteria, and we’re looking for hidden gems (non yet maintstream), that may not have enough marketing power or huge companies behind them. The main goal of the project is to shed some light on great projects, that weren’t enough noticed in a competitive environment and hype.

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Giving back to community

When we established our JS meetup 9 years ago, we never imagined we would welcome up to 1400 attendees at our events and organize 4 meetups and multiple spin-offs in Europe. Our secret? We welcome people from all walks of life in our community, and we are a proud partner of initiatives like Unicorns in Tech, the global tech network for LGBT professionals and straight allies.

We know that supporting diversity inside and outside IT must not end at mere statements, which is why are now developing diversity scholarship programs that will be announced in the coming weeks.

20 of 50 extra diversity scholarships sponsored
What the attendees say
Popular talks from previous editions

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