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JavaScript is #1 on demand programming language in the world with 25 millions of developers behind it. Meet the ones who shape out the now and the future of the prospering nation. June 5-7, 2019.
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The Event

Amsterdam JSNation is a 2-day event focusing exclusively on JavaScript development. At our conference, inspiring talks meet fresh ideas and good people with summer Amsterdam in the background. We recognize JavaScript development as an art of engineering that is why confernece happens in a former church Rembrand attended. Which is located in the most center of the city next to the best places Amsterdam has to offer.

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This year authors and core teams of:
  • Node.js

  • Webpack

  • Angular

  • Babel

  • RX.js

  • MobX

  • Cycle

  • Cypress

  • Pixi

  • Babylon


First speakers
Kyle Simpson
You don`t know JS, USA
Author of "You do not know JS" books series. Founder, Teacher, Mentor, JavaScript Theologian, Open-First Developer.
Babel, USA
Maintainer of Babel. On a journey to live out the parallels of digital communities and faith in open source.
Webpack, Germany
Author of Webpack
Open source freelancer, Finland
Author of Cycle.js, RXJS core contributor, xstream, Callbags, Manyverse.
Katie Koschland
Financial Times, UK
NodeJS engineer at Financial Times
Thomas Watson
Elastic, Denmark
Node.js Core Collaborator, open source hacker and Node.js dev at Elastic Search
Google, USA
Angular core team at Google. Working for more reliable and faster software.
Consultant, The Netherlands
Full-stack lead developer, TypeScript expert and an author of MobX.
Razvan Stoenescu
Quasar Framework, Romania
Creator of Quasar Framework which can help you build responsive SPA, SSR, PWA, Hybrid Mobile Apps and Electron Apps, all using the same codebase.
Matteo Collina
NearForm, Italy
Node.js TSC member, PhD, Technical Director @ NearForm, IoT Expert, Consultant, author of Pino and Fastify. Co-author of the book "Node.js Cookbook, Third Edition" edited by Packt.
Ruben Bridgewater
Freelance, Germany
Node.js core collaborator and a freelance software architect consultant. His main emphasis is building powerful and easy to use APIs for scalable and fast applications. He is continuously working with the V8 team and the TC39 committee to improve the developer experience with JavaScript.
VP of engineering at, JavaScript ninja, image processing expert, software quality fanatic.
Anna Backs
Codecentric AG, Germany
Anna Backs is a software developer and IT-consultant. She is part of small team building an interactive 3D-control panel for managing the IoT devices in her company's office building. In her free time she walks her dog and drinks coffee.
Google, Switzerland
Web security researcher specialising in discovery and exploitation of client-side vulnerabilities, and a software engineer in the Information Security Engineering team at Google.
SauceLabs, Germany
Head of the project. Testing all the things SauceLabs. Open source & open standards advocate
Christina Zenzens
Codecentric AG, Germany
Christina Zenzes is a consultant and software dev. She is part of a team that is developing an interactive control panel for managing all IoT devices in her company's office building. She likes to grow plants on her balcony, pet cats, cook, and eat.
Goodboy Digital, UK
Creative coder, all about Javascript, WebGL and optimisation. Creator of PixiJS.
Jarrod Overson
Shape Security, USA
Jarrod is a Director of Engineering at Shape Security. Frequent speaker on modern web threats and cybercrime and has been quoted by Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, CNET among others. Co-author of O’Reilly’s Developing Web Components, creator of Plato, a static analysis tool for web applications.
Waleed Ashraf
relayr GmbH, Germany
Member @Node.js Foundation & Contributor, working on IoT and open-source tech.
Paulo Lopes
RedHat, Netherlands
10+ years of software development experience writing, rewriting, banging head against the wall, editing and re-editing high-performance web application
Jamie Maria Schouren
DEITY, Netherlands
Jamie Maria is addicted to e-commerce, in love with code and her mind bound to business. Driven by the urge for innovation she fights with the aim to improve the online world around her.
Viktor Turskyi
WebbyLab, Ukraine
CEO and principal architect at WebbyLab company. Open source developer. 15+ years of hands-on experience with more than 60 JavaScript projects completed.
Microsoft, Paris
SDE & Evangelist at Microsoft. Author of BabylonJS & VorlonJS. Composing music in a free time.
Christina H Yu
PayPal, USA
Christina is an engineer on the web platform team at PayPal. She mostly works with nodejs, and making developer experience more awesome. Previously she co-founded the startup Shippa, a global logistics platform powered by travelers.
Matthias Dugué
Alwaysdata, France
Tech Evangelist at alwaysdata. He tries to inform about present and future of digital issues. His favorite book always remains «Alice in Wonderland».
Jasper Schulte
GreenHome, The Netherlands
Hacker Founder. During the day CTO of GreenHome, a sustainable scale up from Amsterdam, during the evening I build my own drones and try to do all kind of fun stuff with them.
Slobodan Stojanovic
CloudHorizon, Serbia
Co-author of the book "Serverless applications with Node.js". CTO at CloudHorizon
Fernanda Andrade
Stack Builders, Ecuador
Fernanda Andrade is team lead and consultant at Stack Builders. She has been working in the software development industry for over seven years and has built software for a range of industries across the globe.
Max Gallo
Dazn, UK
A pasta eater biped working at DAZN with hands-on experience as a Full Stack Developer, iOS Developer, and UI/UX Designer. Areas of expertise are JavaScript and Front-End technologies. Likes Functional & Reactive solutions both for programming and architectures. Uses spaces, not tabs.
Your hosts
Floor Drees
Microsoft, The Netherlands
Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft (Azure). Amsterdam Ruby meetup & EuRuKo 2019 organizer. Tons of start-up experience. Studied Design.
Maxim Salnikov
Microsoft, Norway
Maxim Salnikov is an Oslo-based cloud and web front-end geek with a strong passion for the developer community building. He architects and builds complex web applications since the end of the last century, and has extensive experience with all aspects of web platform focusing on the apps managing real-time data from IoT devices, and Progressive Web Apps.
Sabrina Verhage
Tellart, The Netherlands
Sabrina is a technologist at Tellart Amsterdam and co-founder of Creative Coding Amsterdam, a monthly meetup for enthusiasts. As a media artist she created and exhibited several interactive installations and generative art works. She is highly fascinated by the influence of modern technology on society and dedicated to create engaging experiences that enable social interaction and change.
Summertime JS festival
Main hall
NodeJS hall

The 2019 Amsterdam JSNation conference will gather JS pros at Zuiderkerk, a stunning former church located directly in Amsterdam’s city center where Rembrandt painted his famous work The Night Watch.

The NodeJS events will take place in the beautiful Uilenburg synagoge, which is a 5-minute walk away from the main conference venue.




Rembrandt`s house

All fun is made
with JS

JavaScript has the potential to change lives and the world we live in. So don’t be shy and explore it with us! If you feel like seeing the most beautiful places in Amsterdam, tasting great food and discovering the city’s hidden perks together we organize a museum visit a day after the conference then it is a time for JS picnic in the wonderful, central Vondelpark.

And, of course, the conference wouldn’t be complete without an afterparty! Amsterdam is known for its wild nightlife and all our attendees get an invitation to join in.

JS Performances
This year we initianted Call for JavaScript Artists which allowed to deliver state of the art JS driven afterparty programme of audio visual acts powered with NodeJS, WebGL, WebAudioAPI.
WebGL, React, Web Audio API, and Web MIDI API, UK
An electronic music and audiovisual group from London, established by producer Jack Driscoll and visual artist Alex Kempton in 2016. The visuals in their show have been created entirely in Javascript using WebGL. Polyop have developed a spectacular audiovisual show set in an alternate universe. The show follows a mysterious demi-god across the polyhedral-plane, inhabited by strange planets, entities and nomad aliens, to the sound of 90’s techno breakbeat and acid performed live on hardware synthesisers and drum machines.
AliceEffekt — ORCA
Node.js, Japan
AliceEffekt is formed by Devine Lu Linvega, a true digital nomad and a polymath working on a series of experimental tools and applications. Devine has created a set of live coding tools for rapid iteration and creation of rythms based on Node.js. His latest creation: ORCA is a full blown text based sequencer with impressive cappabilities and distinct aesthetic that engulfs the user in a textual fashion rarely seen in live performance.
Doors open, welcome breakfast
Kyle Simpson
You may find the way to NodeJS hall if interested
Krzysztof Kotowicz
Securing the DOM from the Bottom Up
Gleb Bahmutov
Testing Tools and Their Friends
Coffee break
Tobias Koppers
Webpack 5 - Why Breaking Changes? What is next?
Andre Staltz
Functional lenses for contemporary frameworks
Henry Zhu
Open Source: Charity or Business?
Lunch and networking in the main hall
Open Source awards
Lightning talks
Jamie Maria Schouren
The search for App
Nicholas Pringle
A11Y and React
Christina H Yu
An Introduction to Static Web Apps with JAMStack
Fernanda Andrade
Stop the Software Apocalypse with Functional Programming
Minko Gechev
Building Fast Angular Applications from End
Coffee break
Michel Weststrate
Immer, Immutability and the Wonderful World of Proxies
Mat Groves
Turbo charging 2D on the web
Coffee break
Christian Bromann
Automated Performance Testing With WebDriver
David Rousset
Using WebGL and PWA to build an adaptive game for touch, mouse and VR devices
Break until the party
Party starts
NodeJS / Electron driven music
WebAudioAPI & WebGL driven audio visual performance
Party ends
Doors open
Razvan Stoenescu
SSR with Quasar Framework
Waleed Ashraf
RabbitMQ and PM2 in Node.js for managing Multiple Processes
Coffee break
Christina Zenzens and Anna Backs
What's your backend written with? JavaScript?!
Jarrod Overson
Analysis of an exploited npm package
Viktor Turskyi
The workThe Working Architecture of Node.js Applications
served at Zuiderkerk (Main hall)
Matthias Dugue
Building Zero-Knowledge Backends
Max Gallo
Reinventing RxJS
Paulo Lopes
10 things I learned making the fastest JS server runtime in the world
Coffee break
Ruben Bridgewater
Error handling: doing it right!
Katie Koschland
Ready, Steady, Crash!
Coffee break
Thomas Watson
Post mortem NodeJS debugging
Jasper Schulte
Controlling a swarm of drones with NodeJS
Kyle Simpson, Jun 5
Full-day Workshop: Functional-Light JavaScript
Matteo Collina, Jun 6
Full-day Workshop: From zero to a REST API with Node.js
Michel Weststrate, Jun 6
Full-day Workshop: TypeScript - From Novice to Expert
Maurice de Beijer, Jun 6
3h Workshop: React Hooks
Anthony Antoine & Victor Bury, Jun 6
3h Workshop: Vue.js HackJam with Hackages
Alex Lobera, Jun 6
3h Workshop: Switching from REST to GraphQL with ReactJS.Academy
Slobodan Stojanovic, Jun 6
3h Workshop: Serverless for Front-end Developers
Going through few museums with your friendly community members (pre-registered)
Picnic at the park
Enjoy the rest of the day at JSNation lounge at Vondelpark3 Café
JS Open Source Awards

We’re looking specifically at open source projects or initiatives, with or without a code, but following an open and transparent culture, open for collaboration and contributions from any person interested.

Github stars are not our criteria, and we’re looking for hidden gems (non yet maintstream), that may not have enough marketing power or huge companies behind them. The main goal of the project is to shed some light on great projects, that weren’t enough noticed in a competitive environment and hype.

Breakthrough of the year
Fun side project of the year
Most impactful contribution
to the community
Productivity booster
The most exciting use of technology
Giving back to community

When we established our JS meetup 9 years ago, we never imagined we would welcome up to 1400 attendees at our events and organize 4 meetups and multiple spin-offs in Europe. Our secret? We welcome people from all walks of life in our community, and we are a proud partner of initiatives like Unicorns in Tech, the global tech network for LGBT professionals and straight allies.

We know that supporting diversity inside and outside IT must not end at mere statements, which is why are now developing diversity scholarship programs that will be announced in the coming weeks.

On top of our self-funded tickets pool, we're greatly thankful to GitHub for sponsoring extra 35 tickets. Make JS community a better place, support our scholarship programme!

35 of 50 extra diversity scholarships sponsored
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