The main JS conference of 2024

  • 50+ speakers,
    sharing their know-hows
  • 1K luckies,
    attending in-person
  • 10K tech folks,
    joining remotely
Understand the latest trends in JavaScript development. See what 10k+ JS developers are up to. Meet those who shape the present and the future of the prospering nation.
– Cambridge Dictionary

Nation — a large group of people who share the same language, traditions, and history

JSNation is a 2-day 2-track event focusing exclusively on JavaScript development. Discover the future of the JavaScript development ecosystem and get connected to its stellar crowd!

The format of the event will be hybrid, with the first day (June 13) streamed from the Amsterdam venue including hybrid networking features and interactive entertainment; and second day (June 17), as well as the numerous free workshops around conference days, streamed to the global audience online.

  • June 13: in-person program starts at 9:00 CEST & the live stream – 13:20 CEST.
  • June 17: the live stream starts at 16:00 CEST.
This year we expect the authors and core teams:

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Pro & Free Workshops

Workshops will be held before & after conference days.





Pick up your badge and hangout with community in the best local craft beer place!




Conference Hybrid Day

Join us in Amsterdam or watch online. There will be lots of hybrid networking and inclusive interactivity.




In-person Afterparty

Join the biggest JS party worldwide at 19:00-23:00 CEST!




Hangout Day

Experience Amsterdam with new friends during our boat and walking tours




Conference Remote Day

Streaming of both tracks, speaker QnA's, discussion rooms!


The biggest JS party worldwide

JS Open Source Awards

It's our mission to support OS projects and celebrate them annually at the OS Awards. As an open foundation, we are looking forward to collaborating with like-minded individuals and businesses to help us propagate the OS culture even further

First speakers

Anthony Fu
NuxtLabs, France

Creator of Vitest, Slidev, VueUse, UnoCSS, Elk, Type Challenges and others. Core team member of Vue, Nuxt and Vite.

Outside of programming, Anthony enjoys doing photography and traveling.

Scott Tolinski
Co-host of, USA

I own and make video tutorials teaching web development for Level Up Tutorials, releasing a new premium series every month.

I also co-host with Wes Bos. Syntax is a popular, light hearted web development podcast that teaches full stack topics while staying fun.

I enjoy breaking also known as breakdancing, and have been dancing for over 15 years doing shows for professional NFL and NBA teams. I'm inspired by a hot cup of green tea, excellent music, and Shaw Bros. kung fu movies.

CFP is open until March 5
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Program committee

Cecelia Martinez
Ionic, USA

Cecelia Martinez is a Developer Advocate for Appflow at Ionic, a company that helps web developers build cross-platform applications using modern technology. She is dedicated to creating better, more inclusive developer experiences for all. Previous companies include Cypress and Replay, with areas of expertise including web & mobile development, testing, developer tools, and open source. She is a Lead Volunteer with Women Who Code FrontEnd, Chapter Head of Out in Tech Atlanta, and a GitHub Star.

Shivay Lamba
TensorFlowJS Working Group Lead, India

Shivay Lamba is a software developer specializing in DevOps, Machine Learning and Full Stack Development.

He is an Open Source Enthusiast and has been part of various programs like Google Code In and Google Summer of Code as a Mentor and has also been a MLH Fellow. He is actively involved in community work as well. He is a TensorflowJS SIG member, Mentor in OpenMined and CNCF Service Mesh Community, SODA Foundation and has given talks at various conferences like Github Satellite, Voice Global, Fossasia Tech Summit, TensorflowJS Show & Tell.

Niklas Abrahamsson
Webstep AB

Fullstack javascript developer focused on React / Node.js. Always up for a good challenge and learning new stuff. Spends a lot of time with Remix and on the padel court. Organizer of Remix Sweden meetup group.

Sergey Berezhnoy

Sergey is a web developer actively engaged in the development of technologies and tools for creating websites. One of the two co-authors of the BEM methodology. Currently he responsible for developer relations, hiring and training in his company.

Anton Nemtsev

Independent developer for 16 years. Founder and chief-editor of the Frontender Magazine. Failed miserably. Speaker at international and local conferences. The further the local. UA Web Challenge expert. Ex.

Free & PRO

Take full advantage of your conference experience, and get training from our best speakers and instructors. Topics of this year's workshops will be announced soon!
workshop training workshop training workshop training

JS festival

JSNation Conference will gather 1000+ JS developers at Kromhouthal. Our new venue is a former ship engine factory, and we’re happy to dedicate it to the top JavaScript engine authors and engineers.

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 231
1021 KP Amsterdam

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Combo: JSNation + React Summit, Early Bird

Jun 13-14 (in-person) & Jun 17-18 (remote)


In-person participation on June 13-14, remote on June 17-18

All information about React Summit

60+ talks in addition to JSNation talks

2 more days of learning and fun

10+ React workshops

Access to venue & foodtrucks festival

In-person & remote networking

Speakers' meet & greets

Free remote workshops

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The biggest JS party worldwide

Remote tech discussion rooms

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JavaScript art exhibition

Coming soon

Hybrid Ticket, Early Bird

Jun 13 (in-person), Jun 17 (remote)


In-person participation on June 13, remote on June 17

Access to venue & foodtrucks festival

In-person & remote networking

Speakers' meet & greets

Free remote workshops

Early access to talk recordings

The biggest JS party worldwide

Remote tech discussion rooms

Certificates on conference / workshop participation

Physical swag package

JavaScript art exhibition

Coming soon

Remote Full Ticket with Multipass

Jun 13 & 17 (remote)


Remote participation on June 13 & 17

Interactive video stream in HD quality

Remote networking

Interactive sessions with speakers

Free remote workshops

Early access to talk recordings

Remote tech discussion rooms

Certificates on conference / workshop participation

Full remote access to React Summit, React Advanced, JSNation, Vue.js Live, Node Congress

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Take part in discussion & speakers QnA rooms

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Convince your boss

Are you ready to skill up and network with fellow devs at JSNation, but your boss is not sure about it? It doesn’t take much to convince a manager or team lead and explain the advantages of our event.

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The biggest JS party worldwide

Who says that JavaScript is only for serious business? You can actually power an entire party by JS, and JSNation will show you how.

Amsterdam is known for its nightlife and all our attendees get an invitation to join in. If you get full access, you'll get to see various kinds of performances made with JS at the biggest JS party worldwide on June 14.

Aside from that, the extended program for in-person attendees will also offer a karaoke party and silent disco with music for everyone playing on 3 channels. Afterwards, on June 15, we'll explore the capital of the Netherlands together at walking tours and boat tours.

  • So come hang out with your fellow devs in Amsterdam! June 14 – afterparty at the same venue; June 15 – walking tours and boat tours.

In-person afterparty on June 14

We are searching for talented engineers, creative coders, and artists interested in showcasing JS-related works of art. Fill in the form if it's you!

Algorave & Livecoding Performances

The international music movement with a community of electronic musicians, visual artists and developing technologies.


No explanation needed – just join the fun!

Silent Disco

Dance like nobody's watching!
JS Open Source Awards

The main goal of this project is to shed some light on great open source projects that don’t receive enough attention on a regular basis.

We’re looking at OSS projects or initiatives following an open and transparent culture, especially those eager to collaborate and receive contributions from anyone interested.

GitHub stars are not our criteria, and we’re looking for hidden gems that may not have enough marketing power or huge companies behind them.

JS Open Source AWARDS
Breakthrough of the Year
Most Impactful Contribution to the Community
Most Exciting Use of Technology
Fun Side Project of the Year
Productivity Booster
Giving back to community

We try our best to make all our events accessible and inclusive for a diverse audience. Get in touch with us if you wish to support this initiative, and help us provide Diversity Scholarships for the underrepresented groups in tech.

100 of 150 extra diversity scholarships sponsored

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