Our team is always striving to provide the best support to help you with any questions related to conference attendance and to make information more transparent and instantly accessible, we've started gathering most frequently asked questions on the page below.

You can find all the details regarding rescheduling the in-person JSNation Conference for June 2021 in our Medium.

If you can't find an answer to your question below – contact us via [email protected].

About JSNation 2020

  • Will the conference be held in any format in 2020?

    We've decided to reschedule the in-person JSNation Conference for June 2021, rather than organize it in 2020 in a strictly limited format.

    The coronavirus restrictions might have been eased in both the Netherlands and the European Union, however, large-scale events like JSNation have still not been allowed in Amsterdam and it’s currently unknown when the authorities plan to make updates to the policy.

    In addition, a number of our community members from outside of the EU are currently not able to enter the country and won’t be able to do so for some time.


  • What can I do with a conference ticket I’ve already bought?

    Option A: We’ll automatically transfer conference tickets to the June 2021 in-person event unless you request otherwise, and as a bonus, you’ll get FULL access to 1 future remote event.

    Option B: You may request an event voucher or a refund, however, please consider this a last resort due to the financial implications for a small business like ours. Processing your refund might take significant time.

  • Where can I find the list of GitNation remote confs and register to one of them?

    If you decide to transfer your JSNation ticket to 2021 you’ll receive a voucher that will allow you to attend one of our future remote conferences for free .

    Full list of remote confs:

    • QA Conf (Nov 5–6, 2020)
    • Global GraphQL Summit (December 7-8, 2020)
    • Machine Learning & AI Summit (Jan 28–29, 2021)
    • Global Node.js Summit (Feb 18–19, 2021)
  • How else can I use my ticket instead of a refund request and transfer to JSNation 2021?

    You can request a voucher that can be redeemed for in-person or remote GitNation events for the value of the original ticket.

    In-person events (the dates will be announced early next year):

    • React Summit (June 2021)
    • React Advanced London (Autumn 2021)
    • React Day Berlin (Autumn 2021)
  • How to request a refund?

    Please, ask for a refund via email [email protected] before September 1, 2020. While requesting the refund, please take into account that payments might take significant time to process because of the complicated financial situation we’re facing.

    Please add the following details in your email:

    • your full name
    • order number
    • ticket (or ticket type)