The main JS
conference of

June 13 (hybrid in Amsterdam) &
June 17 (remote), 2024

  • 50+ speakers,
    sharing their know-hows
  • 1500 attendees,
    sharing common language
  • 10K folks,
    joining remotely
Understand the latest trends in JavaScript development. See what 10k+ JS developers are up to. Meet those who shape the present and the future of the prospering nation.
– Cambridge Dictionary

Nation — a large group of people who share the same language, traditions, and history

JSNation is a 2-day 2-track event focusing exclusively on JavaScript development. Discover the future of the JavaScript development ecosystem and get connected to its stellar crowd!

The format of the event will be hybrid, with the first day (June 13) streamed from the Amsterdam venue including hybrid networking features and interactive entertainment; and second day (June 17), as well as the numerous free workshops around conference days, streamed to the global audience online.

This year we expect the authors and core teams:

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Pro & Free Workshops

Workshops will be held before & after conference days.





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Conference Hybrid Day

Join us in Amsterdam or watch online. There will be lots of hybrid networking and inclusive interactivity.




In-person Afterparty

Join the biggest JS party worldwide at 19:00-23:00 CEST!




Hangout Day

Experience Amsterdam with new friends during our boat and walking tours




Conference Remote Day

Streaming of both tracks, speaker QnA's, discussion rooms!


The biggest JS party worldwide

JS Open Source Awards

It's our mission to support OS projects and celebrate them annually at the OS Awards. As an open foundation, we are looking forward to collaborating with like-minded individuals and businesses to help us propagate the OS culture even further


Three.js, Japan
Talk: Embracing WebGPU and WebXR With Three.js

Author of Three.js.

Evan You
Vue.js & Vite Creator, Singapore
Talk: 10 Years of Independent OSS: A Retrospective

Evan is an independent software developer and the creator of the open source JavaScript framework Vue.js. Most of his work is open source and publicly available on GitHub. You can follow Evan on Twitter where he mostly tweets about Vue and frontend technologies.

Fred K. Schott
Astro, USA
Talk: What's New in Astro
Co-creator of Astro. Snowpack author.
Carson Gross
Big Sky Software, USA
Talk: htmx Is Pro-JavaScript
The Creator of htmx, a Hypermedia-oriented JavaScript Library.
Jecelyn Yeen
Google (Chrome DevTools), Germany
Talk: From Friction to Flow: Debugging With Chrome DevTools

Jecelyn Yeen is a DevRel engineer at Google working on Chrome DevTools and Browser Automation. Her work focuses on understanding and activating the ecosystem around developer tooling.

When she’s not coding (and avocado-ing), she’s jumping into mysterious sea waters in search of narwhals and mermaids.

Scott Tolinski
Co-host of, USA
Talk: Install Nothing: App UIs With Native Browser APIs

I own and make video tutorials teaching web development for Level Up Tutorials, releasing a new premium series every month.

I also co-host with Wes Bos. Syntax is a popular, light hearted web development podcast that teaches full stack topics while staying fun.

I enjoy breaking also known as breakdancing, and have been dancing for over 15 years doing shows for professional NFL and NBA teams. I'm inspired by a hot cup of green tea, excellent music, and Shaw Bros. kung fu movies.

Tobias Koppers
Vercel, Germany
Talk: Turbopack
Webpack and Turbopack Creator
Minko Gechev
Google, USA
Talk: Angular Renaissance

Minko the product lead for Angular at Google. Previously, he was a technical co-founder and the CTO of, which in 2019 joined Coursera.

Maya Shavin
Microsoft, Israel
Talk: Coffee Chat With Documentation, Are You Ready?
Senior Software Engineer in Microsoft. Core maintainer of StorefrontUI.
Jason Mayes
Google, USA
Talk: Web Apps of the Future With Web AI

Jason is the public face of Web AI and TensorFlow.js at Google, helping web engineers around the world take their first steps with machine learning in JavaScript. Jason is the author of the 1st Web ML course on Google Developers and EdX, that has enabled over 40,000 students to start their journey with Machine Learning in the browser. He also combines his knowledge of the technical and creative worlds to develop innovative prototypes for Google's largest customers and internal teams with over 15 years experience working within web engineering and investigating emerging technologies. Jason also hosts the popular Made with TensorFlow.js show on the TensorFlow YouTube channel giving a voice to Web ML developers across industries globally.

He holds an MEng in Computer Science, is a member of the British Computing Society, and is a certified information privacy technologist. Jason loves sharing knowledge online which has attracted a global following.

Anthony Fu
NuxtLabs, France
Talk: ESLint One for All Made Easy
Vue, Nuxt and Vite Core Team Member
Gift Egwuenu
Cloudflare, The Netherlands
Talk: Automate the Browser With Workers Browser Rendering API
Developer Advocate at Cloudflare.
Dan Kochetov
Drizzle Team, Ukraine
Talk: What’s the Deal With Drizzle ORM?
Drizzle ORM Core Team Member.
Phil Nash
Sonar, Australia
Talk: Conquering Complexity: Refactoring JavaScript Projects
Developer Advocate @ Sonar, Australia
Dylan Ebert
Hugging Face, USA
Talk: Forget Polygons – Gaussian Splats, the New Approach to Photorealistic 3D Graphics
Developer Advocate Engineer at Hugging Face. Author of gsplat.js – a general-purpose, open-source 3D Gaussian Splatting library.
Markus Oberlehner GmbH, Austria
Talk: Navigating a Large Scale Modernization With DDD GmbH, Austria
Luca Del Puppo
Nearform, Italy
Talk: Dive Into Advanced TypeScript
Microsoft MVP, Google Developer Expert, Senior Software Developer at Nearform and JS enthusiastic.
Mathilde Buenerd
Shopify, Spain
Talk: What Is the Accessibility Tree, Really?

I am a Frontend Developer at Shopify and a certified Web Accessibility Specialist. My expertise lies in creating complex user interfaces that are both user-friendly and compliant. At Shopify, I develop No Code tools, enabling all users to effortlessly customize their Online Store.

Vinicius Dallacqua
Volvo Cars, Sweden
Talk: Why Your Performance Work Is Not Seen
Staff Engineer at Volvo Cars, previously Spotify and Klarna
Emanuele Stoppa
The Astro Technology Company, Ireland

Emanuele Stoppa is an Italian Senior Software Engineer, currently living in Ireland. Active contributor to the Biome and Astro projects. He has more than ten years of experience in the field. He has worked in many fields in the industry - fintech, travel, e-commerce, etc. - and is passionate about open source.

Mo Khazali
Theodo UK, UK
Talk: JS on the Big Screen: Making TV Apps

Mo is the Head of Mobile and a Tech Lead at Theodo UK, having worked on several projects with startups and established enterprises to create cross-platform mobile application in React Native. He's passionate about React Native, MobileDevOps, and pushing the boundaries of combining code across web and mobile.

Before joining Theodo, Mo was a full-stack developer at Nasdaq. He is a graduate from the University of Edinburgh.

Ramona Schwering
Auth0 by Okta, Germany
Talk: Web Fortified: Best Practices for Web App Security
Developer Advocate @ Auth0, GDE in Web Technologies and a Women Techmaker and Cypress Ambassador.
Boshen Chen
ByteDance, China
Talk: The Oxc Project, and the Effect of Performance Engineering
Oxc creator, Rspack core team member.
Ziv Levy
Wix, Israel
Talk: Come On Barbie, Let’s Go Party: Using AI for Music Mixing
Software Engineer @ Wix’s Data Science Group.
Justin Schroeder
FormKit, USA
Talk: Say WAT Now!? Turbocharged JavaScript With Hand Crafted WASM
Creator of FormKit.
Eugene Fidelin
eBay, Netherlands
Talk: Testing: Do More With Less
Engineering Manager @ eBay.
Robert Aboukhalil
Bioinformatics Software Engineer, USA
Talk: Using WebAssembly to Bring Command-Line Tutorials to Life
'Level up with WebAssembly' book author
Maarten Van Hoof
Essent, Belgium
Talk: Explain Like I’m Your Manager: Digital Accessibility

By day, Maarten supports front-end teams at Essent with their Accessibility and Design System challenges. By night, he tinkers with the Web Platform.

Yonatan Mevorach
Wix, Israel
Talk: Mastering Cryptography Fundamentals With Node’s Crypto Module

Yonatan is a Team Lead at the Infra group at, where he is able to make his love for creating developer tools a part of his daily work. He also enjoys working on open-source developer tools, and blogs about them at

Selam Moges
Apella, USA
Talk: Ethically Wired: Computer Ethics for Technologists

I'm Selam and I'm currently a software engineer at Apella. I've always been fascinated by technology and its potential to make our lives better and more equitable. As an advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), I'm committed to making tech a come inclusive place for everyone.

I'm passionate about computer ethics and ensuring that technology is developed and used in ethical and responsible ways. I believe that technology can be a powerful force for good, but only if we approach it with a thoughtful and ethical mindset.

Santosh Viswanatham
Interledger Foundation, India
Talk: Web Monetization: Your New Friendly JavaScript API

Santosh is an Open web advocate, an Ambassador at the Interledger Foundation. He writes Vanilla JS for Breakfast and tweets at @isantoshv. Santosh was previously a Tech Speaker and a Participation Leader at Mozilla. As a Tech Speaker, he delivered talks on Javascript, WebVR, Cross-Platform browser extensions, and Devtools in the past at various tech conferences. In recognition of his contributions to Mozilla, his name is featured in the about:credits of every shipped Firefox browser.

Sintija Birgele
FRIDAY Insurance S.A., Germany
Talk: Internationalization (i18n) With AI-Powered Language Model

I'm creator of the web software and design system at insurtech company, and teaching web development basics for tech-savvy people without access to digital education at non-profit coding school based in Berlin.

Leo Kettmeir
Deno, Netherlands
Talk: JSR – Next Generation JavaScript Registry

I am a software engineer at Deno who works on developer experience, implementing web APIs, improving auto-generated documentation, and various other tasks. When I am not programming, I tinker with 3D printers & fly drones.

Evan Seaward
Handsontable, Poland
Talk: AI First: Applications of the Future

I'm Evan Seaward, Head of Engineering at Handsontable, and I'm a lover of all things JavaScript, TypeScript, and technology, with a spirit of exploration and pushing boundaries. Originating from Australia and now residing in Poland.

Mikhail Korolev
Toptal, Poland
Talk: Reverse-Engineering Everything to Get Rid of Trust Issues

Software engineer of over 10 years, currently occupied with all the things about front-end infrastructure and developer happiness. Talk to me about the Web Platform, browser guts and specialty coffee!

Ayoub Alouane
Adservio, France
Talk: Web Performance: The African Case

I am Ayoub Alouane, working as a DevRel and TechLead in Adservio, Moroccan coming from Africa, starting a new journey in France, as a Speaker and Trainer, I'm trying to build a consciousness about web performance in our community of devs.

Andrey Sitnik
Evil Martians, Spain
Talk: Privacy-First Architecture

The creator of PostCSS, Autoprefixer and Nano ID.

Francisca Beatriz Medina Concha
LATAM Airlines, Chile
Talk: Infinite Patterns in the Digital Canvas: Unleashing Creativity With JavaScript in Algorithmic Art

Professional designer, web developer (freelance), business analyst (Cencosud) and teacher (PUC).

Specialized in graphic design, UX/UI, and web development, I have garnered experience in both corporate and educational sectors. As an active volunteer at JSConf Chile, Fundación Antonia, Technovation Girls, and Women Who Code, I am recognized for my communication skills, leadership, and commitment to inclusion in STEAM. I possess a proven track record in teaching and simplifying complex technical concepts. My active participation in tech communities and a unique perspective on user interaction design position me as an influential voice in merging algorithmic art with programming, particularly in JavaScript.

Adewale Abati
Block, Netherlands
Talk: Building a Decentralized Web With Web5

Adewale "Ace" Abati is A Web Engineer & Developer Advocate. He’s passionate about the web and its infinite possibilities, open source, sharing his experiences on YouTube and playing video games. He’s currently helping to build and shape a decentralized future for the web and internet as a Staff Developer Advocate at TBD.

Alex Moldovan
CodeSandbox, Romania
Talk: Lessons for Building Resilient Codebases

Alex is Product Engineer at CodeSandbox, where he mixes his passion user experience with the interest in creating better tooling for developers. He is also an organizer for JSHeroes, one of the biggest JS/Frontend conferences in Romania.

Erick Wendel
Erick Wendel Training, Brazil
Talk: WebXR? Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Natively on Browsers
Node.js Core Team Developer.
Richard Davison
AWS, Sweden
Talk: LLRT JavaScript Runtime: Redefining Serverless Latency

Richard is a Sr. Partner Solutions Architect at AWS focusing on Application modernization using Serverless and Containers. During his 3-year tenure at AWS he has played a pivotal role assisting partners & customers in various industries with their cloud adoption and modernization strategies. Richard collaborates with the development teams and engineering leaders to optimize software delivery in the cloud, emphasizing best practices and AWS's capabilities.

Kevin Hou
Codeium, USA
Talk: Can AI Turn Us Into 10x Developers?

Head of Product Engineering at Codeium — writing code that writes code! Engineer, designer, photographer, and woodworker.

Jarred Utt
ADB Safegate, Sweden
Talk: Microfrontends in Safety Critical Aviation Systems

Jarred is a Technical Lead at ADB Safegate, where he leads the development of the Intelligent Apron suite of products, which are aimed to increase the performance and safety of airport operations, while lowering the environmental effect aviation has on the world. Originally from the US, he is now based in Malmö Sweden where he serves as a mentor to multiple teams across Europe, and is passionate about solving complex problems while teaching others along the way.

Heena Gupta
Expedia Group, India
Talk: Search Speed: Making Expedia Flights Faster

Heena is an open-source enthusiast since her college days. She completed her Bachelor of Technology from Delhi Technological University, 2011-2015 in computer engineering. She contributed to KDE organization during Google Summer of Code. Later, she mentored open-source contributors as a Google Code In, 2013 mentor and made the KDE community even more stronger by her diligent demonstration of mentorship skills. She was also one of the co-administrator and mentor for Search of KDE, 2014 and Google Code In, 2014. She has represented KDE organization in various Google Summer of Code knowledge sharing sessions held in DTU. She also presented KDE plasma projects in FOSSASIA 2015, Singapore. She also organized a Google Summer of Code meetup in Delhi which was featured in Google open-source blog. Apart from her open-source contributions, she has over 8 years of work experience as a software developer. She is currently working at Expedia as a Software Development Engineer III for Flights. She is one of the service owner for flights progressive web application. She has done several pipeline improvements for an efficient release process and is responsible for ensuring timely releases using the release pipeline for the same. She is a part of flights performance project where she shares a crucial role in making the flights progressive web application performance efficient. She has presented on “Portfolio Management through storytelling using narrative visualizations with advanced filtering” in Hong Kong Open Source Conference, 2017. She also presented a poster on “Optimal financial planning through storytelling using narrative visualizations with advanced filtering“ in Grace Hopper Conference India, 2017. She was also a mentor in “Learn IT, Girl” 2015 in which she mentored female developers.

Juri Strumpflohner
Nx, Italy
Talk: Simplify Package Releases – From Versioning to Publishing
GDE in Web Technologies & Angular, core member of Nx
Nathan Marrs
Grafana, USA
Talk: Beyond the Console: Navigating JavaScript With Observability

Nathan is the tech lead of the DataViz squad at Grafana Labs and is based out of beautiful Monterey, California.